• Liberty Spirit

    Meet Liberty Spirit, our healthy 6-year-old red Doberman boy. He is our inspiration for Spirit H2 water, our Spirit H2 Pet Ambassador, and a driving factor in providing a great hydrogen product for every human and pet. HRW is just as wonderful for your pets to drink, as it is for you. Our H2 bottles do not change the water pH levels; it will not upset your pet's tummy. Use as their everyday water or add to their existing water. Always provide fresh hydrogen water for your pet, as hydrogen loses it's efficacy after a 4-6 hours. *SPIRIT H2 OFFERS DISCOUNTS FOR MILITARY*FIRST RESPONDERS*HEALTH CARE PROVIDERS*EDUCATORS*

  • Molecular Hydrogen (H2)

    Hydrogen (H2) is the smallest and lightest molecule in the universe. It has the potential capability to reduce oxidative stress. The extraordinary impact of H2 is very promising. There are no adverse effects and is safe for humans and pets. H2 is non-toxic and a wonderful part of the puzzle of good living. Ensure you do your research to learn more about this tiny molecule. We all need to drink water, incorporate H2 today and stay hydrated! Please refer to the MHI (Molecular Hydrogen Institute) for new research and education. The Spirit H2 bottles have been independently tested & verified by H2-Analytics Lab in Nevada USA, using Gas Chromatography

  • We Are The Original Spirit H2

    In a 5-minute or 10-minute cycle, Spirit H2 creates hydrogen enriched water above 6.0 ppm. Choose filtered, distilled or reverse osmosis water. Our Essence V2 is made with German SPE/PEM Technology, utilizing platinum plated titanium electrodes. The water housing body is food-class PC material. This is extremely strong under pressure, and safe. The Spirit H2 original bottle is manufactured in a IS09001 and ISO14001 certified Lab. *CE FCC IC & RoHS compliant *The Spirit H2 Essence V2 has completed full Metallurgy water testing by SGS USA & Approved by the top industry experts

Why We Are Different


*The Spirit H2 bottle has been independently tested & verified by H2-Analytics Lab using Gas Chromatography

*We offer the highest H2 producing portable available on the market

SPE/PEM German Technology

*Works on a 5-minute and 10-minute electrolysis cycle to produce hydrogen

*Excellent quality and affordable

*Multi-colored LED lights

*Easy to operate: one touch button

*Oxygen, chlorine and ozone are separated and expelled through a tiny vent on the base of the unit. Note: Not all chlorine can be expelled as the Spirit H2 is not a filter; please fill with filtered, distilled or RO water

*Utilizes PEM Dual Chamber with SPE technology to enable a higher rate of dissolved hydrogen

*Food-class PC body

*Rechargeable Lithium Polymer Battery

*Utilizes a USB-C charging cable that is made specifically for the Spirit H2 bottles

*Input: 5V1A

*Please note: Unit does not include charger. Always use CE / cULus / Intertek / FCC / IC or other certified charger compatible with Input 5V1A. Only use cable included with purchase

*Multi color choices

**Note: There are many portable H2 bottles on the market. Be aware of inflated ppm/ppb H2 levels and non-separation of gasses** Some may have identical design; this does not ensure compliance**

How to Use

*Please refer to User Guide for full use instructions - safety - precautions - specs - proper setup and warranty information

*Avoid getting USB charging port wet - do NOT plug in if wet - allow to fully dry first. Water damage may result in a short circuit and cause the Spirit H2 to fail.

*Spirit H2 bottles are intended for safe use within the USA and Canada - Always use the cable supplied. Please use a CE, cULus, FCC, SA or other certified charger for your region (DC 5V1A) 50-60 Hz / 100-240V

*Once bottle is properly set up run 5-minute cycle by pushing button once and 10-minute cycle by pushing button twice

*If accidental or non-intended cycle has started - hold down button for a few seconds to turn off

*Pressure builds up during the 5-minute and 10-minute cycle - Please do not run more than 10 minutes and take care when opening the lid

*Do not overfill as bottle may leak during cycle - Only fill to fill line

*If lid becomes stuck allow time to depressurize or gently turn upside down and release gas build-up by unscrewing bottom piece-tighten fully before turning upright to open main lid to pour water into glass

*Intended for adult use - Please do not allow children to operate H2 bottle

*Do not over charge or allow battery to drain

*Keep out of direct sunlight and heat - always away from heat sources

*Never place in dishwasher nor submerge in water - gently wipe clean with damp cloth and rinse out bottle

*Use citric acid powder for cleaning and descaling ** please see User Guide

*Drink the same amount of hydrogen water you would drink in a day or incorporate it into your water intake

*Please refer to User Guide for English and French

*You will find our Policy section at the bottom of this page under Returns for Warranty and Shipping

*Please refer to the MHI (Molecular Hydrogen Institute) for new research and education.

Proposition 65

In August 2016, the California Office of Environmental Health Hazard Assessment (“OEHHA”) adopted amended regulations to the California Safe Drinking Water and Toxic Enforcement Act, originally approved in 1986, and generally referred to as “Proposition 65”.  The amended text is for the provision of a “clear and reasonable” warning.  The warning does not mean that our products will necessarily cause cancer or reproductive harm.  Moreover, a Proposition 65 warning does not mean that a product is in violation of any product-safety standards or requirements.  In fact, the California government has clarified that “the fact that a product bears a Proposition 65 warning does not mean by itself that the product is unsafe.”  The CA government has also further clarified, “you could think of Proposition 65 more as a ‘right to know’ law than a pure product safety law.”  See: http://oehha.ca.gov/prop65/background/p65plain.html

Our products are Food-grade PC materials, that may or may not contain BPA. BPA intake is very low, which means the chemicals don't accumulate in the body. The FDA concluded it safe for food contact since it doesn't pose any health risks on such small levels. Is polycarbonate safe? Yes, it is a material that has high impact resistance and is very safe. Polycarbonates, which is nearly shatterproof are safe for food storage and are often used for: water-coolers, portable drinking water bottles, baby bottles, and non-food uses ranging from eyeglasses to labware.

Proposition 65 requires businesses to notify Californians about significant amounts of chemicals in the products they purchase, in their homes, or workplaces, or that are released into the environment.  By providing this information, Proposition 65 enables Californians to make informed decisions about protecting themselves from exposure to these chemicals.  The law applies to any company operating in California, selling products in California, or manufacturing products that may be sold in, or brought into California.  It mandates that the Governor of California maintain and publish a list of chemicals that are known to cause cancer, birth defects, and/or other reproductive harm.  The list, which must be updated annually, includes a wide variety of chemicals that can be found in many everyday items, such as dyes, solvents, drugs, food-additives, by-products of certain processes, pesticides, and tobacco products.  The warning means that after evaluating the exposure, the business has concluded that it exceeds the “no significant risk level,” or simply that the business wants to make public the presence of certain chemicals, without attempting to evaluate the exposure.  The law also requires warnings to be placed on any product, product packaging, or literature accompanying a product that can create an exposure above the daily safe harbor levels to any of the chemicals that the California Office of Environmental Health Hazard Assessment (“OEHHA”) has determined can cause cancer or reproductive harm.  Many of the elements listed under Proposition 65 are routinely present in everyday consumer items such as bread, coffee, chocolate, and apparel.  A warning must be given if the listed chemical is merely present in a product, unless a business determines that the exposure it causes poses "no significant risk."

While the exposure may be negligible, or well within the “no significant risk” range, Spirit H2 has chosen to provide the Proposition 65 warnings.

In consideration of the high penalties for not complying, Spirit H2, has elected to provide the Proposition 65 notice out of an abundance-of-caution, in order to avoid the potential for liability.


The user of this website and of Spirit H2 molecular hydrogen bottles, acknowledges that information on the website is for general interest information only. It is not intended as medical advice and should not be relied upon as a substitute for professional consultation with a qualified healthcare provider. This website contains links to other third-party websites. These links are for the convenience of the reader, user or browser. Any reliance you place on such material is therefore strictly at your own risk. Spirit H2 is not intended to cure, treat nor prevent disease. Spirit H2 Enterprises Inc. will not be held accountable for the above noted.

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