• Liberty Spirit

    Meet Spirit, our healthy 5-Year-old red Doberman boy. He is our inspiration for Spirit H2 water, our Spirit H2 Pet Ambassador, and a driving factor in providing a great hydrogen product for every human and pet. HRW is just as wonderful for your pets to drink, as it is for you. Our H2 bottles do not change the water pH levels; it will not upset your pet's tummy. Use as their everyday water or add to their existing water. Always provide fresh hydrogen water for your pet, as hydrogen loses it's efficacy after a 4-6 hours. Add filtered, spring, distilled or RO water to the Spirit H2 bottle. Press once for 5 mins/twice for 10 min cycle VOILA Molecular hydrogen!

  • Molecular Hydrogen (H2)

    Hydrogen (H2) is the smallest and lightest molecule in the universe. It has the potential capability to be a powerful antioxidant, anti-inflammatory and may effectively reduce oxidative stress. The extraordinary impact of H2 is very promising. What makes H2 very different, it acts as a selective scavenger; it may go after the free radicals and leaves the healthy cells alone. There are no adverse effects and is safe for humans and pets. H2 is non-toxic and a wonderful part of the puzzle of good living. Ensure you do your research to learn more about this tiny molecule. We all need to drink water, incorporate H2 today and stay hydrated!

  • We Are The Original Spirit H2

    Boost your jets with a 5-minute or 10-minute cycle to create hydrogen enriched water. Choose filtered, distilled or reverse osmosis water. The Spirit H2 water bottle was created using a high quality USA DuPont N117 Proton Exchange Membrane (PEM), and platinum plated titanium electrode technology. The water housing body is food-class PC material. This is extremely strong under pressure, and safe. The Spirit H2 bottle is manufactured in a IS09001 and ISO14001 certified Lab. There are 2000+ molecular hydrogen studies on PubMed. Please refer to the MHI (Molecular Hydrogen Institute) for new research and education.

Spirit H2 Water Bottle

*The Spirit H2 bottle has been independently tested by H2-Analytics in Nevada USA

*Works on a 5-minute and 10-minute cycle to produce hydrogen - 230ml

*Excellent quality and affordable

*Multi-coloured LED lights

*Strong no leak seals when on the move

*Easy to operate: one touch button

*Oxygen, chlorine and ozone are separated and expelled through a tiny vent on the base of the unit

*USA made DuPont N117 membrane (PEM)

*Utilizes PEM Dual Chamber with SPE technology to enable a higher rate of dissolved hydrogen

*May attach a 500ml water bottle to the unit to create a higher hydrogen concentration depending on source water: 1.4 to 3.0 ppm

*Food-class PC body

*Rechargeable Lithium Polymer Battery

*Utilizes a USB-C charging cable

*Input: 5V1A

*Please note: Unit does not include plug: USB-C cable will work with most standard plugs that are certified safe use

*Cool design with high quality components

*3 colour choices

*Stringent Quality Control checks by third party Inspection and Spirit H2 Enterprises Inc. Including all certifications that exceed requirements

**Note: There are many portable H2 bottles on the market. Be aware of inflated ppm/ppb H2 levels and unsafe membranes that create particles of metal and non-separation of gasses** Some may have identical design; this does not ensure compliance**

How to Use

*Please refer to User Guide for full use instructions - safety - precautions - specs - proper setup and Warranty information

*Once bottle is properly set up run 5-minute cycle by pushing button once and 10-minute cycle by pushing button twice

*If accidental or non-intended cycle has started - hold down button for a few seconds to turn off

*Pressure builds up during the 5-minute and 10-minute cycle - Please do not run more than 10 minutes and take care when opening the lid

*Do not overfill as bottle may leak during cycle - Only fill to fill line

*If lid becomes stuck allow time to depressurize or gently turn upside down and release gas build-up by unscrewing bottom piece-tighten fully before turning upright to open main lid to pour water into glass

*Intended for adult use - Please do not allow children to operate H2 bottle

*Do not over charge or allow battery to drain

*Keep out of direct sunlight and heat - always away from heat sources

*Never place in dishwasher nor submerge in water - gently wipe clean with damp cloth and rinse out bottle

*Avoid getting USB charging port wet - do NOT plug in if wet - allow to fully dry first

*Use citric acid powder for cleaning and descaling ** please see User Guide

*Drink the same amount of hydrogen water you would drink in a day or incorporate it into your water intake

*Please refer to User Guide for English and French


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