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Spirit H2

H2Blue® Eco Formula Test Reagent Drops

H2Blue® Eco Formula Test Reagent Drops

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Easy and efficient way to determine the presence of Molecular Hydrogen in water and test the H2 levels in water 

May be used to test Portable H2 water bottles, H2 Water Generators and Water Ionizers

We ship within Canada & USA

H2Blue® Eco Formula is Made in USA by H2Sciences Inc. MFG:

  • H2Blue® eco formula (non-ethanol solvent) is a reagent that can be used to measure the concentration of dissolved H2 gas (mg/L-ppm) in hydrogen-rich water.
  • Each drop represents 0.1mg/L (ppm) of dissolved H2 / 10 drops = 1ppm of H2
  • Water containing dissolved molecular hydrogen turns clear with H2Blue® drops.
  • 10 mL bottle - Approximately 325 drops
  • Non-flammable solvent


Easy to follow Instructions 

H2Blue® Eco Formula Tester Drops

Graduated beaker with screw cap

Stir stick 

*Please always keep out of reach of children and pets at all times

*Keep away from eyes

*May stain skin and surfaces - take precautions when using


Please Note: Confirmed molecular hydrogen levels may only be achieved with using advanced gas chromatography. This includes many factors; some include length of time H2 has been exposed to the air, water source, temperature etc,. For accurate information, please refer to H2-Analytics Hydrogen Water Testing and Certification.



We appreciate your business! Happy Hydration! 

We Ship within the USA & Canada


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